What is Screensaver2u?

Screensaver is a protection plan provides to Malaysia Mobile and tablet users to protect their device’s screen. Users can claim their screen replacement within a year of protection.

Screen-Cracked is one of the most problem faced on mobile phone in Malaysia. While screen is one of the most expensive parts of the device, most of the users keep it unchanged due to expensive price.

In Screensaver, user can protect their screen with a price of RM79.90.

Activation Process

How to use Screensaver2u


1. Purchase Screensaver Protection Plan


2. Activate Screensaver on Apps or Website


3. Claim When Screen Cracked within a Year


Claim Process

Hassle Free Steps for Claims Submission

1. Submit your claim.

2) Wait for approval

3) We collect your phone for repair!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it only for phone?
Covered Product?
When the plan coverage begins and ends?
Where can i claim my screen?
Does it cover other device problem?
How to purchase the plan?
Is it fixed price for all phone model?
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